Monday, August 1, 2011

Re-vamped (haha! Get it!?)

"Everything happens for a reason" is a particularly hateful adage in my eyes. Some things perhaps, but everything? Yes, you can find justification for any event, no matter how horrific, but it is my firm position doing so makes you a monster.

On the other hand, this tidbit of parental wisdom is easier to swallow when we're talking about something trivial, like filmmaking. Having a lead actor back out of the movie hours before he was set to shoot his final day did send a month's worth of work straight into the trash, but it also gave me the opportunity to jettison some problem cast members. A small consolation prize, you might be thinking, but, if you are, then you've never before had to work alongside adults who behave in a way entirely consistent with children.

Via the same sort of psychic osmosis whiners use to infect an entire set, the men and women who enjoy being there will flood the air around them with rainbows and unicorn farts. No need to huff this enchanted stew, just breath. This is the first production I've worked on where every member of the team has proven themselves on an earlier film. No prima donnas. No would-be-lawyers. No complainers. The first day of shooting I noticed the loosening of several long-standing muscle knots and a relief of the burning sensation that comes each time stomach acid splashes one of my ulcers. I described these symptoms to Cassandra, and she suggested that I may actually be having a good time. She's probably right, and it's now my hope that everyone will have as much fun watching this movie as we're having making it.